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The year also saw the establishment of Phoenix Union High School , with an enrollment of It supplied both water and electricity, becoming the first multi-purpose dam, and Roosevelt himself attended the official dedication on May 18, At the time, it was the largest masonry dam in the world, forming a lake in the mountain east of Phoenix.

In , Phoenix would see its first skyscraper, the Heard Building. It would later be purchased in by the city, which operates it to this day.

On March 4, , former U. President Calvin Coolidge dedicated a dam on the Gila River named in his honor. However, the state had just been through a long drought, and the reservoir which was supposed to be behind the dam was virtually dry.

When the war ended, many of the men who had undergone their training in Arizona returned bringing their new families.

Learning of this large untapped labor pool enticed many large industries to move their operations to the area. Seeing the same advantages as Motorola, other high-tech companies such as Intel and McDonnell Douglas would also move into the valley and open manufacturing operations.

By , over , people resided in the city and thousands more in surrounding communities. There was more new construction in Phoenix in alone than during the period of more than thirty years from to In , one local activist testified at a US Commission on Civil Rights hearing that of 31, homes that had recently sprung up in this neighborhood, not a single one had been sold to an African-American.

The color lines were so rigid that no one north of Van Buren Street would rent to the African-American baseball star Willie Mays , in town for spring training in the s.

The two cities look at each other across a golf course. The continued rapid population growth led more businesses to the valley to take advantage of the labor pool, [56] and manufacturing, particularly in the electronics sector, continued to grow.

When Phoenix was awarded an NBA franchise in , which would be called the Phoenix Suns , [62] [63] they played their home games at the Coliseum until , after which they moved to America West Arena.

Johnson , assuring future water supplies for Phoenix, Tucson, and the agricultural corridor in between. McCarthy as the first Bishop.

In the s the downtown area experienced a resurgence, with a level of construction activity not seen again until the urban real estate boom of the s.

By the end of the decade, Phoenix adopted the Phoenix Concept plan which split the city into urban villages, each with its own village core where greater height and density was permitted, further shaping the free-market development culture.

Originally, there were nine villages, [68] but this has been expanded to 15 over the years see Cityscape below. This officially turned Phoenix into a city of many nodes, which would later be connected by freeways.

The Phoenix Symphony Hall opened in ; [69] other major structures which saw construction downtown during this decade were the First National Bank Plaza , the Valley Center the tallest building in the state of Arizona [70] and the Arizona Bank building.

Supreme Court , when she was sworn in as the first female justice. There was an influx of refugees due to low-cost housing in the Sunnyslope area in the s, resulting in 43 different languages being spoken in local schools by the year Phoenix has maintained a growth streak in recent years, growing by This made it the second-fastest-growing metropolitan area in the United States, surpassed only by Las Vegas.

Recently, downtown Phoenix and the central core have experienced renewed interest and growth, resulting in numerous restaurants, stores, and businesses opening or relocating to central Phoenix.

Phoenix is in the southwestern United States, in the south-central portion of Arizona; about halfway between Tucson to the southeast and Flagstaff to the north.

The metropolitan area is known as the "Valley of the Sun" due to its location in the Salt River Valley. Scattered, low mountain ranges surround the valley: On the outskirts of Phoenix are large fields of irrigated cropland and Native American reservation lands.

The community of Ahwatukee is separated from the rest of the city by South Mountain. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of Even though it is the fifth most populated city, the large area gives it a low density rate of approximately 2, people per square mile.

As with most of Arizona, Phoenix does not observe daylight saving time. In , Governor Jack Williams argued to the U. Congress that due to air conditioning units not being used as often in the morning on standard time, energy use would increase in the evening should the state observe daylight saving time.

He went on to say that energy use would also rise early in the day "because there would be more lights on in the early morning. Sunrise occurs at around 7: Sunset occurs at around 5: Since , the city of Phoenix has been divided into urban villages , many of which are based upon historically significant neighborhoods and communities that have since been annexed into Phoenix.

Although the urban village is part of Phoenix, the town is independent. Phoenix has long, extremely hot summers and short, mild to warm winters. The city is located within the sunniest region in the world.

Measuring 3, hours of bright sunshine annually, Phoenix receives the most sunshine of any major city on Earth. As the city has expanded, average summer low temperatures have been steadily rising.

The daily heat of the sun is stored in pavement, sidewalks, and buildings, and it is radiated back out at night. Precipitation is sparse during most of the year, but the North American Monsoon brings an influx of moisture during the summer.

In order to increase monsoon awareness and promote safety, however, the National Weather Service decreed that starting in , June 15 would be the official "first day" of the monsoon, and it would end on September July is the wettest month of the year 1.

On September 8, , the city of Phoenix recorded its single highest rainfall total by the National Weather Service with 3. Generally speaking, the annual minimum temperature in Phoenix is in the mid-to-low 30s.

The earliest freeze on record occurred on November 4, , and the latest occurred on March 31, The longest continuous stretch without a day of frost in Phoenix was over 5 years, from November 23, , to January 31, Snowfall was first officially recorded in , and since then, accumulations of 0.

The heaviest snowstorm on record dates to January 21—22, , when 1 to 4 inches 2. The most recent significant snowfall occurred on December 6, , across the northwest portions of the greater metro area.

During the event, Sky Harbor reported a dusting of snow. While some of the native flora and fauna of the Sonoran Desert can be found within Phoenix city limits, most are found in the suburbs and the undeveloped desert areas surrounding the city.

Native mammal species include coyote , javelina , bobcat , mountain lion , desert cottontail rabbit , jackrabbit , antelope ground squirrel , mule deer , ringtail , coati , and multiple species of bats, such as the Mexican free-tailed bat and western pipistrelle , that roost in and around the city.

The area is also home to a plethora of native reptile species including the Western diamondback rattlesnake , Sonoran sidewinder , several other types of rattlesnakes, Sonoran coral snake , dozens of species of non-venomous snakes including the Sonoran gopher snake and the California kingsnake , the gila monster , desert spiny lizard , several types of whiptail lizards , the chuckwalla , desert horned lizard , western banded gecko , Sonora mud turtle , and the desert tortoise.

Phoenix and the surrounding areas are also home to a wide variety of native invertebrates including the Arizona bark scorpion , giant desert hairy scorpion , Arizona blond tarantula , Sonoran Desert centipede , tarantula hawk wasp , camel spider , and tailless whip scorpion.

Of great concern is the presence of Africanized bees which can be extremely dangerous—even lethal—when provoked. The Arizona Upland subdivision of the Sonoran Desert of which Phoenix is a part has "the most structurally diverse flora in the United States.

Other native species are the organpipe , barrel , fishhook , senita , prickly pear and cholla cacti; ocotillo ; Palo Verde trees and foothill and blue paloverde ; California fan palm ; agaves ; soaptree yucca , Spanish bayonet , desert spoon , and red yucca ; ironwood ; mesquite ; and the creosote bush.

Many non-native plants also thrive in Phoenix including, but not limited to, the date palm , Mexican fan palm , pineapple palm , Afghan pine , Canary Island pine , Mexican fencepost cactus , cardon cactus , acacia , eucalyptus , aloe , bougainvillea , oleander , lantana , bottlebrush , olive , citrus , and red bird of paradise.

The greater Phoenix region is home to the only thriving feral population of rosy-faced lovebirds in the U. This bird is a popular birdcage pet, native to southwestern Africa.

Feral birds were first observed living outdoors in , probably escaped or released pets, and by the Greater Phoenix population had grown to about birds.

These lovebirds prefer older neighborhoods where they nest under untrimmed, dead palm tree fronds. Phoenix is the sixth most populous city in the United States according to the United States Census , with a population of 1,,, making it the most populous state capital in the United States.

Census Bureau released population estimates on June 28, After leading the U. There were approximately 77, people added to the population of the Phoenix metropolitan area in , which was down significantly from its peak in of , This compares with an overall growth rate nationally during the same time frame of 9.

The population is almost equally split between men and women, with men making up The population density is 2, There were , total households, with Phoenix has , housing units, with an occupancy rate of The largest segment of vacancies is in the rental market, where the vacancy rate is Vacant houses for sale only make up Out of the total population, According to the Census, the racial breakdown of Phoenix was as follows: However, a significant portion of this decrease can be attributed to new guidelines put out by the U.

Census Bureau in , when a question regarding Hispanic origin was added to the census questionnaire. This has led to an increasing tendency for some groups to no longer self-identify as white, and instead categorize themselves as "other races".

Of the 1,, residents over 5 years of age, The largest national ancestries reported were Mexican Of these the largest groups are at While there was an overall increase in the number of religious adherents over the decade of ,, that did not keep pace with the overall population increase in the country during the same period, which increased by almost three-quarters of million individuals, resulting in the percentage drop.

The early economy of Phoenix was focused primarily on agriculture and natural resources, dependent on the "5Cs" of copper, cattle, climate, cotton, and citrus.

It became the template for suburban development in post-WWII America, [] and Sun City became the template for retirement communities when it opened in As the national financial crisis of —10 began, construction in Phoenix collapsed and housing prices plunged.

The top five industries were: In Phoenix, real estate developers face few constraints when planning and developing new projects. Accordingly, the city is prone to overbuilding during times of economic prosperity.

As of [update] , the top five employment categories were office and administrative support The single largest occupation is retail salespersons, which account for 3.

The civilian labor force was 2,,, and the unemployment rate stood at 4. Phoenix is currently home to four Fortune companies: Mesa Air Group , a regional airline group, is headquartered in Phoenix.

The military has a significant presence in Phoenix, with Luke Air Force Base located in the western suburbs. The city was severely impacted by the effects of the sub-prime mortgage crash.

The city has numerous performing arts venues, most of which are located in and around downtown Phoenix or Scottsdale. Concerts also regularly make stops in the area.

The largest downtown performing art venue is the Herberger Theater Center , which houses three performance spaces and is home to two resident companies, the Arizona Theatre Company and the Centre Dance Ensemble.

Three other groups also use the facility: Music can also be seen in some of the venues usually reserved for sports, such as the Wells Fargo Arena and the University of Phoenix Stadium.

Several television series have been set in Phoenix, including Alice —85 , the s paranormal drama Medium , the —61 syndicated crime drama The Brothers Brannagan , and The New Dick Van Dyke Show from to Dozens of museums exist throughout the valley.

In the Musical Instrument Museum opened their doors, featuring the biggest musical instrument collection in the world.

Designed by Alden B. Some of the signature exhibits include a full Navajo hogan , the Mareen Allen Nichols Collection containing pieces of contemporary jewelry, the Barry Goldwater Collection of historic Hopi kachina dolls, and an exhibit on the 19th-century boarding school experiences of Native Americans.

The Heard Museum attracts about , visitors a year. The downtown Phoenix art scene has developed in the past decade.

The Artlink organization and the galleries downtown have successfully launched a First Friday cross-Phoenix gallery opening. In April , artist Janet Echelman inaugurated her monumental sculpture, Her Secret Is Patience , a civic icon suspended above the new Phoenix Civic Space Park , a two-city-block park in the middle of downtown.

This netted sculpture makes the invisible patterns of desert wind visible to the human eye. At night, the illumination changes color gradually through the seasons.

Patrick Frank writes of the sculpture that " Phoenix is the home of a unique architectural tradition and community.

These architectural studios embrace the desert climate, and are unconventional in their approach to the practice of design. Of particular note was his trademark, "Haver Home", which were affordable contemporary-style tract houses.

Starting with promotions back in the s, the industry has grown into one of the top 10 in the city. Sky Harbor Airport, which serves the Greater Phoenix area, serves about 40 million passengers a year, ranking it among the 10 busiest airports in the nation.

One of the biggest attractions of the Phoenix area is golf, with over golf courses. Due to its natural environment and climate, Phoenix has a number of outdoor attractions and recreational activities.

The Phoenix Zoo is the largest privately owned, non-profit zoo in the United States. Since opening in , the zoo has developed an international reputation for its efforts on animal conservation, including breeding and reintroducing endangered species back into the wild.

There is long list of annual events in and near Phoenix which celebrate the heritage of the city, as well as its diversity.

Like many other western towns, the earliest restaurants in Phoenix were often steakhouses. Today, Phoenix is also renowned for its Mexican food , thanks to both its large Hispanic population and its proximity to Mexico.

Phoenix is home to several professional sports franchises, and is one of only 13 U. They have won the WNBA championship three times: The team has played all of its home games in the same downtown park, now known as Chase Field.

The win was also the fastest an expansion team had ever won the World Series, surpassing the old mark of the Florida Marlins of 5 years, set in The Arizona Cardinals are the oldest continuously run professional football franchise in the nation.

Founded in in Chicago, they moved to Phoenix from St. In they moved to the newly constructed State Farm Stadium in suburban Glendale.

They originally played their home games at America West Arena in downtown Phoenix before moving in December to the Jobing.

The Cardinals won two of their championships while in Chicago, pre-modern era. The Phoenix area hosts two annual college football bowl games: Their games are also played at Talking Stick Resort Arena.

They played in the Arena Football League from to and had won five AFL championships before leaving the league.

With the move by the Colorado Rockies and the Diamondbacks to their new facility in the Salt River Indian Community , the league is entirely based in the Greater Phoenix area.

The Phoenix International Raceway was built in with a one-mile 1. Phoenix is home to a large number of parks and recreation areas.

The city of Phoenix includes national parks, county Maricopa County parks and city parks. Tonto National Forest forms part of the northeast boundary of the city, while the county has the largest park system in the country.

The Desert Botanical Garden , which opened in , is one of the few public gardens in the country dedicated to desert plants, and displays desert plant life from all over the world.

The Phoenix Zoo is the largest privately owned non-profit zoo in the United States and is internationally known for its programs devoted to saving endangered species.

In , Phoenix adopted a new form of government, switching from the mayor-council system to the council-manager system, making it one of the first cities in the United States with this form of city government, where a city manager supervises all city departments and executes the policies adopted by the Council.

The city council consists of a mayor and eight city council members. While the mayor is elected in a citywide election, Phoenix City Council members are elected by votes only in the districts they represent, with both the Mayor and the Council members serving four-year terms.

As the capital of Arizona, Phoenix houses the state legislature , [] along with numerous state government agencies, many of which are located in the State Capitol district immediately west of downtown.

This is a mental health center and is the only medical facility run by the state government. We are always happy to get involved no matter your requirement.

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